114: Wildlife Images

29 Jul

Today I took a drive to Grants Pass, Oregon with my son and two younger boys to visit Wildlife Images.  I’d heard about this place before but had never had the opportunity to experience it.  Wildlife Images is a non profit organization that provides care and treatment for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.  Each year they receive and care for over 1,000 animals.

We took a tour of the facility today.  We saw a badger, a raccoon, a grizzly bear, several brown bears, two bobcats, four bald eagles, one golden eagle, a peregrine falcon, and many other animals.  This tour gave us a chance to see these animals up close and personal.  It was really quite amazing.  I especially loved seeing the bald eagles at such close range and also enjoyed being so close to the bobcats – who just seemed like big house cats.

This morning I baked a Marionberry Crumb Crust Pie to bring to the staff at Wildlife Images.  I thought that the staff and volunteers might appreciate a tasty treat after a long day of caring for these wild animals.  For more information about Wildlife Images, please go to their website at http://www.wildlifeimages.org

or call (541) 476-0222.

One Response to “114: Wildlife Images”

  1. Carrie Prechtel July 30, 2011 at 8:50 AM #

    We have enjoyed Wildlife Images several times, too. But watch out when the bobcat turns his back on you – he’s getting ready to spray! It was amazing to see these animals so close up. When the cougar looks at you, you feel like you know what they are thinking. “Snack time!” This is a great place to visit!

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