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When I’m 64….

24 Nov
With the cookies I’d baked for the families.

The romantic in me has had a hard time with that old Beatles song. Especially this year when I knew that number was coming my way. Even two years post divorce, it still made me wince.

As this birthday approached, I wondered how to celebrate in a way that would help me do it in a positive manner. After some pondering I came up with what seemed to be a perfect plan. I would bake 50 pies… and sell them and then give the money to victims of the recent fires in Southern Oregon. Brilliant, wouldn’t you agree?

First, I called my friend Kathy who, when I proposed this plan, immediately agreed to help me. How am I so lucky to have friends, who when I propose they work all day baking, for no pay, say yes. Saint Kathy also got permission for me to use a commercial kitchen at no charge.

Soon after, I began rethinking this plan. The logistics of the whole idea began to overwhelm me: getting donations of ingredients, asking friends to buy a pie, figuring the days to bake and deliver… And then I (finally!) remembered we are in a pandemic and knew I had to do something different.

As I mourned the demise of my perfect plan, a friend suggested I “just do a GoFundMe” as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Long story short, it was super easy. I shared my story… and asked my friends to help me with my goal of helping folks who had lost everything. And my friends showed up… big time!

In front of Phoenix Elementary before we met the principal.

My goal of $1,000 was met by day one. Then, two days after my fundraiser began, I had raised $2750 and I closed it down. With that money, I was able to purchase 55! $50 grocery gift cards for families that were greatly impacted by the fires. And, because I am a baker at heart, I made packages of cookies for all of those families too.

My heart is so very grateful to all of my friends who were able to donate, and also thankful for the friends who shared my story and got donations from people I did not know. It felt so good to deliver those gift cards and cookies knowing that they would help so many families. And the words that we scribbled on each gift card sleeve were simple and will hopefully let those folks know that they are loved: Dios te Bendiga.

All in all, I’d say it was one of my best birthdays ever. Thank you to everyone. I feel more loved than I can say.

Presenting Principal Shawna with the gift cards and cookies.
With the apple pie I made for Pam.

And, finally, because this is a pie blog after all, I made a pie for Pam. She is the woman who is helping me with the tendonitis in my wrist. I am so grateful for your kind and healing touch.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

“Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack so we might see the blessings we possess.” Max Lucado