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30 Years in Heaven

6 Jan


My beautiful mother, Eleanor, holding me while my Dad, Jim looks on.

Some of us remember dates better than others.  I don’t know why that is… but I have an idea.  When an event creates an indelible mark on your heart, to you or someone you love, it can be hard to forget.  Some of those events can be joyful such as the birth of your children, and others sad, as in the death of a loved one.

Well, this post is about the latter. Today is the 30th anniversary of the date that my mother succumbed to the cancer that she battled for 12 years.   I was a new mother and my baby girl was three months old when my mother passed away.  It was so strange to lose my Mom when I was just becoming one.  All the questions about parenting I never knew I had, would never be answered by her.

Since I had no mother to turn to, I often reached out to other women to help guide me along the path of motherhood.  The advice came from my Aunts, my friends, and sometimes complete strangers.  As they say, it takes a village, and if you don’t have a village, sometimes you create one.

One of my dear “villagers” was Irene Orselli.  She was my neighbor in Portland when Alexandra was a small child.  Irene never had children, yet, even so, she doted on my children as only an adoring mother could.  Irene got me, encouraged me, and inspired me.  It felt as if I was given another mother to help me and I will always be grateful for her love and support.


On this day of epiphany, I would like to recognize all of the women, and men, who have been a part of my village.  I am deeply in debt to you for your wisdom, guidance, and love.

Finally, please allow this proud Mom a moment to celebrate the release of my dear daughter’s first book, The Secret Joy of Hygge.  I’d love it (and be so thankful) if you would take a look and consider supporting her.


A Pear Kuchen for a friend.

“Losing a Mother doesn’t happen in a moment.  It takes years to appreciate the impact of what’s gone.”   Lisa-jo Baker