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Celia’s House

19 Dec


A pie for Alicia to thank her for reading me my forgotten shopping list!

Just recently, I embarked on a new endeavor.  If you had asked me if I saw this opportunity coming, even just a few months ago, I would have said no.  I would have said that this opportunity wasn’t for me… I’m far too emotional.  But standing on the other side, I think I might have misjudged myself.  In some ways,  I realize I have been preparing for this new position all of my life.

What is this new challenge you ask?  I am managing the culinary program at a home for hospice clients.

In my first few weeks, I have met many wonderful people.  There are the many volunteers who share their time and energy to help create a beautiful space for our patients both inside and out.  Then there is the staff who work tirelessly to keep our clients free from pain and as comfortable as possible.  And finally, I cannot express enough appreciation for the families and friends that come to spend time with their loved ones, often for long hours.  Their love is palpable and inspiring.

Stepping into this position was, to be honest, a bit scary.  I was worried about committing to a long-term agreement because I thought I would wash away from all the tears that I knew would come. Even the first week I started, I had a friend who was a patient in the house.  Initially, she had moved into the house for a respite from the medical journey she was on, but soon she made the very difficult decision not to pursue further treatments.

Some might think that she was giving up — but they would be wrong.  In her last weeks, my friend demonstrated incredible strength, grace, and peace and I was able to witness the beautiful expression of love from her friends and family.  This was an honor that I will always remember fondly.

What I have learned about my new position is that my role is not just to prepare food for our clients.  At times, I am finding ways to be a support system and friend for their loved ones.  Sometimes that is as simple as offering a meal or a treat to keep them going.  Usually, they don’t need or want much, but they are always so appreciative for having been asked.  This position gives me a way to help others and sometimes it is through food.  But often, it is simply to be present with love.

Finally, I would be remiss for not thanking the woman who asked me to be a part of Celia’s House (You know who you are!)  She recognized the strength and compassion in me that I did not.  And for that, I am most grateful.

 “We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey.”  Ann Richardson