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Day 339: Megan

10 Mar

Customer Service. What does that term conjure up for you?  If you have had bad customer service, researchers have found that you are likely to tell the story of that encounter to ten friends.  If you have had good service, you will likely tell only three people.  Why?  Maybe because we expect to receive decent customer service when we are paying for it that it doesn’t seem as important to share that news.  But when we receive bad customer service, it almost seems that we should warn our friends about it out of common courtesy.

Today I want to share a good story with you.  Last December I won a gift certificate to a place called “AesthetiSpa” in Grants Pass.  The trouble is, I hardly ever get to Grants Pass.  However, this weekend we were scheduled to go to Grants Pass to attend a fundraiser for the Josephine County Food Bank called, “First Crush.”  Since we were going that way, my daughter called to see if we could use our gift certificate to the spa.  When she called and spoke to Megan, she was told that  unfortunately the spa is closed on the weekend and we could not be scheduled for any of the services.

But then Megan did an amazing thing.  She told my daughter that there were products available for purchase and if we wanted to buy some of them, she would be happy to meet us at the spa so that we could spend our gift certificate!  My daughter said, “But the spa is closed… and it’s your day off!” to which Megan replied, “I don’t mind.  Ashland is a far drive for you.”  When my daughter got off the phone and told me that she added, “Mom, you really should make her a pie.  Who does something like that?”

Not many.  And that is why we brought a Chocolate Cheesecake Pie to Megan… to thank her for coming in when the business was closed (and no, it is not her business!) and going above and beyond for us.  We really, really, appreciate her taking the time to help us.  She is a gem.

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.
Lewis Carol

114: Wildlife Images

29 Jul

Today I took a drive to Grants Pass, Oregon with my son and two younger boys to visit Wildlife Images.  I’d heard about this place before but had never had the opportunity to experience it.  Wildlife Images is a non profit organization that provides care and treatment for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.  Each year they receive and care for over 1,000 animals.

We took a tour of the facility today.  We saw a badger, a raccoon, a grizzly bear, several brown bears, two bobcats, four bald eagles, one golden eagle, a peregrine falcon, and many other animals.  This tour gave us a chance to see these animals up close and personal.  It was really quite amazing.  I especially loved seeing the bald eagles at such close range and also enjoyed being so close to the bobcats – who just seemed like big house cats.

This morning I baked a Marionberry Crumb Crust Pie to bring to the staff at Wildlife Images.  I thought that the staff and volunteers might appreciate a tasty treat after a long day of caring for these wild animals.  For more information about Wildlife Images, please go to their website at http://www.wildlifeimages.org

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