Day 113: Recognizing our He-roes and She-roes

28 Jul

In my life, I’ve only experienced a fire at home once.  I was a teenager and had just placed a pizza in the oven when a neighbor said that they saw smoke coming from our house.  Someone jokingly asked how the pizza was – but since I had just put it in the oven, I knew that it wasn’t the pizza that was smoking.  We all exited the house and called 911.  In a few minutes firefighters arrived and put out a fire that had begun in our basement due to spontaneous combustion.  It happened so quickly that I was able to rescue my pizza and serve it to the firemen as a token of our gratitude.

A little over a week ago, a man in a neighboring town killed his family and set his house on fire.   The firefighters and first responders had no idea what to expect – and many tried valiantly to help resuscitate the family members – a young mother and her children.

While watching the news and reading the story, I thought about the firefighters and the EMT’s.   What a terrible scene they encountered.  I cannot imagine how they do what they do each day – and I wanted to recognize the brave men and women who serve us in this capacity.

Today I brought a Cherry Almond Tart to the Ashland Fire Department.  I am so very grateful for their service to our community.

Ashland Fire and Rescue Team take a moment to enjoy the tart

When I delivered the pie I noticed this phrase from the early years of firefighting posted on the wall, “Not to be guilty of cowardice.”    This isn’t the usual job requirement, now is it?   Imagine if all of our jobs asked that of us.

One Response to “Day 113: Recognizing our He-roes and She-roes”

  1. Ali True July 29, 2011 at 9:06 AM #

    Thank you so much for the delicious pie. We have a photo of the Ashland Fire & Rescue staff enjoying the pie for you to post on your blog if you like. E-mail me back and I’ll send it along.
    Thank you again!

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