Day 110: A Brand New Baby and Polenta Pie

25 Jul

As you may recall, I catered a wedding this weekend. And as I have not been on top of my game (which I guess is because I am recovering from my accident), I prepared more food than I should have. I was trying to decide who to give food to when my friend Sue called and told me about a young couple who have just had their first baby.  It seems that the mother had a difficult time during childbirth and is now recuperating.   Many of their friends have mobilized to prepare meals for them so as to make this trying time a little bit easier.

When I asked Sue if she wanted some of the food that I had left, she told me, “I would love to take some of the food but only if it would be okay to share it with this young couple.”  Why wouldn’t I want Sue to share this food? It seemed like a perfect solution.

Once I determined that this couple would eat the sausages I’d cooked, I put together a “Polenta Pie” for them.  I started with a layer of polenta, added a layer of sausage and peppers, and topped it off with roasted tomatoes, marinated mozzarella, grated asiago,  and fresh spinach.  It was one of the prettiest pies I think I have made.

I send my very best wishes to the new parents and their brand new baby and hope that the new Mom recovers quickly.

One Response to “Day 110: A Brand New Baby and Polenta Pie”

  1. Sue Jaffe July 25, 2011 at 9:30 PM #

    The young parents were thrilled! And … to make it that much more appropriate, Mom was suddenly sick with chills and a fever and the Polenta Pie delivery was timed just perfectly – nobody had to think about dinner.
    Thank you Karen and thank you for the Quiche you made for me the other day. That was shared in a timely fashion as well … increasing the number of people who know about your project … truly a ripple effect …

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