Day 109: A Pizza Pie!

24 Jul

After a big catering event, there are still many things to do.  Today, I spent a lot of time putting things back as they were before the event.  For example, today  my catering equipment had to be washed and organized.   This is an important part of catering, but it is not really fun, nor is it easy.   It’s  just a matter of taking the  time to complete the necessary steps.

While I was in the Zen of washing dishes, I remembered  something from my childhood – namely – how we used to refer to pizza as a “Pizza Pie.”  When I was young, having pizza for diner was very rare and I don’t remember a single time that we had pizza delivered.

Today, I chose to make a pie that I haven’t made for this “pie project” before.  I brought a vegetarian Pizza Pie (roasted peppers, spinach, marinated mozzarella)  to help  bring some cheer to the staff that works at a facility that assists people in recovering from injury or illness.  I am grateful for their compassion and sensitivity.

When I arrived on site to deliver the pie,  I followed the first voice I heard and soon afterward I met the nurse on duty, I explained my blog.  I told her that I wanted her to share the pizza with other members of the staff as a way of recognizing them for their hard work in maintaining a safe and comfortable place in which to recover from life’s challenges.

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