Day 92: The Grange Co-op

7 Jul

Today I was thinking about working in my yard. While I am not much of a gardener, I do try to take care of the area that we have. I’ve dug up my share of weeds, planted a few vegetables, mowed, mulched, and tended to a compost bin. And at each juncture, I have relied on the advice from the staff at the Ashland Grange Co-op. Immediately I knew that I would bring a pie to these fine folks.

Growing up, I do not remember anything like the grange and so I was really pleased when we moved to Ashland to find a place where I could learn more about gardening. The staff there really wants to help you find the right product for your needs. A few years back, I wanted to improve the lawn in my backyard and I went to the grange for some grass seed. The gentlemen who helped me asked me a lot of questions: what was my goal, what was the soil in my yard like, how much sun did the area get, etc. Only after he knew enough about my situation did he suggest a plan of action and the products to achieve my goal. And my lawn is much improved because of his help.

Raspberry Peach Pie

Today when I went to the grange to deliver my pie, Karen was at the register. I told her that I had brought a pie for the staff. She asked why and I began, “You know how when you have a problem with your yard….” and immediately she said, “Tell me what you have done so far.” “Exactly!” I said. “You all seem to jump right in and ask questions to help. I really like that.”

Finished Raspeberry Peach Pie

Now this might not have been what Karen was expecting, but I can tell that she really appreciated my gesture. It is a simple way to thank the men and women at the Grange who spend their time everyday finding solutions to our garden (and pet) needs.

One Response to “Day 92: The Grange Co-op”

  1. kim w July 17, 2011 at 9:09 AM #

    Karen, your kindness is very much appreciated. Let me tell you of the magic of your pie. We took our much loved family dog to the vet to say goodbye to her. The vet, Siskiyou Vets, had great news for us. Coal is on medication, will always walk and look a little tipsy, but will be fine. We brought her home with us, and she will be going camping! Our family is very thankful and happy with this news.
    So, thank you so very much for your magical pie!
    The whole Willits family, and Coal

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