Day 91: Untitled

6 Jul

I felt as if I was moving slowly today. And I suppose that is to be expected. To all the world I look as if I am fine, but inside I am a little bit broken. And there are so many of us that are that way – maybe not with broken bones – but with broken hearts or worse. We can’t take the world at face value because there is so much more to consider.

I used to think that it would be cool if we were like E.T. and we glowed if something was wrong. There is a part of me that thinks that this would be a good thing – others would know that we are hurting and perhaps be gentle with us. But then again, there are those that would prey on the suffering and take advantage of them. So, we have to navigate the world as best we can without “glowing” visual aids.

Today I met an older man at a grocery store who was learning how to be a cashier. He was challenged by the myriad of details but his attitude was good. I am sure that he never expected to be starting a new job at his age – but really – do we ever know what is awaiting us?

Today’s pie recipient was a young man who just turned 12 – his life bursting with possibilities. A perfect juxtaposition with the older cashier. And I wish them both the very best that life has to offer. Don’t we all deserve that?

My sincerest thanks for the many offers of help during this time…though there is really nothing I need done, I do so appreciate your willingness to help.

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