Day 31: Bernie

8 May

If you look carefully,  you will see a path that my cats have made in the grass from my house to my neighbor, Bernie’s.

When we moved into our home 16 years ago, Bernie was our backyard neighbor. He was retired and was sort of quiet; we were a noisy bunch busy with kids and work and so we did not become close friends. However, in his own way, Bernie has become a great neighbor. We have shared gifts from our yards – roses from our yard, cherries from his tree.

As far as I know, Bernie has never had a pet. We, on the other hand, have had a steady stream of pets in our household: 2 Mice, 2 Rats, 2 Bunnies, 2 Fish, 1 Dog, 6 Cats. When you have children, it seems that pets just become part of the mix. My husband and I had two cats before we had children: I thought of it as a trial run. Okay, I now know that there is no comparison but at the time I thought that if we survived pets, we might be able to handle children.

What I did not consider at the time is that I might need help. And in his quiet way, Bernie has been a help. He has given our cats a much needed respite from our busy household. In his lovely British accent he has told me, on more than one occasion, “Well, I gave him some salmon, I hope you don’t mind.” Mind? Are you kidding? No wonder my cats have beaten a path to your door!

This evening I would like to offer my thanks to Bernie for his help with our numerous pets. He has given them a safe berth when they most needed it and for that we are grateful.

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