Day 30: Thanks for a job well done

7 May

Today, I baked an apple pie to thank someone that I don’t even know. We see her each day as we take our morning walk. It is my guess that she is an owner in DeVore Construction, the company that is doing the installation of sidewalks in our neighborhood. This project has been going on for only a short time and it has been amazing to see the work that is accomplished each day.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the area surrounding a construction site is strewn with debris from the building process, or with coffee cups or other trash from the workers? That is not the case with this crew. In fact, often you will see the owner sweeping gravel from the roadway and at the end of the workday, the entire area is straightened up. It is really impressive. She seems to understand that this space is part of our home, and she is respecting that space.

Now, I know that this woman is getting paid for her work – but you can’t pay someone to care. That comes from within. What I want to acknowledge is her conscientiousness and her attention to detail. She is going above and beyond and we appreciate it.

One Response to “Day 30: Thanks for a job well done”

  1. Reggie & Sandy (De Vore Electric and Construction) May 7, 2011 at 4:11 PM #

    Thank you for your kindess! This post is very touching in showing also how you care. You are also very much appreciated in what you do for others from the kindness of your heart.

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