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Day 358: Happy Birthday Janet!

29 Mar

Cherry Cheesecake Pie (and Gluten-Free too!)

Janet and I met a few years back because a mutual friend of ours asked us both to join her book club.  For me it was a chance to meet some new people, share some food and wine, and read books that I probably wouldn’t have read.  My time in the book club lasted only a few years, but fortunately the friendships formed there have continued… and for that I am grateful.

Janet and I have quite a few things in common.  We both work part-time, like to dote on our children, and have been broad because of our children.  We both also
volunteer at our respective churches, and this should come as no surprise, we spend a lot of time in the kitchens there.

For all of the laughter and tears that we have shared, and for all of the times that she has come to my aid in one way or another, I would like to offer Janet my heartfelt thanks.  I am lucky to count her among my friends.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”
William Shakespeare

Day 334: Happy 60th Birthday John!

5 Mar

A few days ago, my friend Janet asked me to make a pie for her brother-in-law, John.  Janet has known about my pie project since day one, and has been an ardent supporter, but this was the first time she suggested someone to gift a pie to.

John is married to Janet’s sister and this is what she had to say about John and her sister, “They live in Pennsylvania where he works in full-time Christian ministry for The Navigators, where he helps churches and pastors to work with their parishioners to help people have deeper and more meaningful relationships with Jesus.”

Janet’s sister is allergic to chocolate, and so the pie that I sent, was all about John.  And for someone who is always thinking and working for someone else, this pie was a gift just for him… and I hope that John enjoys every bite!

Janet wrote, “They live a fairly simple life, so this package was a real indulgence to him. He’s never had anything like this before.  He opened it and saw that it was a pie, thinking apple or something, then saw that it was “Brownie” and was even more delighted.

I was honored to give a gift to John that was such a treat for him… for all that he does in his ministry.

Happy Birthday John… and thank you for all that you do!

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”
C.S. Lewis

Day 268: Sh*t happens

30 Dec

This morning we woke up to a rainy day here in Ashland. I wondered if I would even venture out for a walk with our “grand-dog” but around about 9:30 AM I saw that the rain took a break and I dressed for a potentially wet walk. The walk turned out to be glorious. The sun eventually peeked out and my walk was a lovely meditation on the day.

When I returned home I noticed that the sliding glass door on the back of the house looked strange. On closer examination I determined that it had somehow shattered in the time it took to take my walk. How that happened I still have no clue, but this is what I saw when I returned from my walk.

This changed my day as you might imagine. Now the important thing to do was contact the glass company (Ashland Glass) and hope that the glass would not break all over my deck… and luckily it didn’t. When Chris from Ashland Glass showed up he took one look at the glass and knew that it had to be removed. Darn it! And I still had a pie to deliver!!

About that pie… a few days ago I was driving through town and was about to pass by my friend Tom’s house when I thought of who had owned the house prior to him…. and that was our dear friend Nicholas. I have always been amazed at how Tom and his wife Janet took Nick’s small house and transformed it into the home that it is today. As all those thoughts were careening through my mind I noticed that Tom was standing there by his truck unloading stuff and I knew that I had to stop and say hello.

How interesting that our lives intersected as they did… like threads in a cloth. And if you pulled on one thread, it would lead to other connections. I think that is pretty neat… we really are all connected, whether we want to admit it or not.

Today, Laurel (the filmmaker) came to my house at 3PM and filmed me putting together a Chocolate Cream Pie for Tom. As I had all of the ingredients ready it took less than twenty minutes to do so. However, I had told Tom’s wife, Janet, that we would deliver the pie after 4PM and so Laurel agreed to return at that time.

At about 4:15PM Laurel and I arrived at Tom’s home to deliver the pie and Tom was not there. Janet and Laurel and I talked for a bit and we were about to leave when Janet noticed that Tom’s truck had arrived. That’s when the fun began! Laurel and I snuck out the back door and waited until Tom had entered through the front door. Then we ran to the front door and knocked. When Tom answered the door we were able to present him with his pie… and in due time told him that we’d already been there for 15 minutes prior to his arrival. Sneaky? Perhaps, but his expression when we gave him his pie was priceless.

So, I have to admit that this day did not turn out as I had planned. But who really plans for their glass door to shatter? I think that John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.” And so we do the best we can… and for me, that means that my new glass door is on order and my Chocolate Cream Pie is at Tom’s house (hopefully being consumed!) And for now, all is right with the world.