Day 157: Ashland H2O Polo

10 Sep

My neighbor Ellen suggested that I bring a pie to the Army National Guard soldiers today. It seems that these soldiers planned on spending their day cleaning up the space where the Ashland Emergency Food Bank will soon be located. What a marvelous idea!

Since I was told that there would be more than 20 soldiers, I chose to bring them Marionberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream instead of baking 3 or more pies. Unfortunately, when I got to the building, there was not a soldier in sight. Not to be deterred, I drove to the National Guard Armory where there were lots of cars in the parking lot.

Now, you can’t just walk into the armory. You need to call the phone number on the door and talk to someone in charge. That person answered my call and listened to my story; I won’t bore you with the details. When I was done, the soldier thanked me and told me that they had finished the cleanup early but were now involved in a training and could not stop for a break because they were behind (due to the time spent cleaning I surmised). He said several times, “We really appreciate this so much, Ma’am. Thank you for thinking of us.”

Sadly, I drove away and thought, “Now what?” Where does one find twenty or more deserving people all in the same place? I hadn’t driven 2 blocks before I remembered that the Ashland High School Water Polo team was having a giant yard sale a few blocks from where I was. In minutes I was at the sale. Quickly I found someone in charge and told her my story. I was then directed to Betty, the woman in charge of snacks. She showed me where I could set up and I brought the Marionberry filling, the cobbler biscuits, and the ice cream and started dishing servings of cobbler. Within moments word spread and a line of hot, hungry teenagers appeared, as well as a number of parents. Several folks wanted to thank the National Guard for making this treat possible, while several others watched me curiously. At least one person mentioned that they would be there again tomorrow! (Sale hours on Sunday are from 9-3 in the Lincoln School Parking lot on Siskiyou Boulevard).

Before long, my dessert offering was consumed. It was quite fun to bring a surprise treat to the folks that were working so hard on a sweltering hot day to raise money for their team. As I was leaving, I thought how things had worked out after all. And then one young man came up to me with a smile on his face and said, “You really made my day.” I ask you, does it get any better than this?

One Response to “Day 157: Ashland H2O Polo”

  1. George Kramer September 11, 2011 at 8:01 AM #

    I am sorry the guard didn’t get to enjoy your pie, because from all accounts they did a great job at the new AEFB home and surely deserved (and would have enjoyed!) a treat. But nice pivot, Karen….we shopped at the water polo sale yesterday and those folks were working hard.

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