Day 156: Sharon

9 Sep

A few weeks ago I was featured in a local newspaper. A woman called a few days after the article appeared. She told me that her name was Sharon and she said that she really liked what I was doing with pies. I thanked her and then she said, “If you run out of people to bring a pie to, you can bring one to me. And then she told me her favorite dessert was Pecan Pie.”

Now I have to admit that I thought that this request sounded a bit forward. But then Sharon told me that she used to sing in a Sweet Adeline’s group with a woman who lived in my house before I lived here. How lovely that we had a shared history! On that day I wrote down all of Sharon’s contact information and told her that I would probably be talking with her soon.

Today I was busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. I had two cakes to make, a pie to bake and was hired to prepare a dinner for 90. Yikes! Though it may sound strange, today seemed like the perfect day to bake a pie for Sharon. I called her to make sure that she was in town and she told me that she was. And she seemed so pleased that I had called!

Because I was so busy getting ready for my event, Sharon stopped by my house to pick up her Pecan Pie. I was delighted to fulfill her request and thrilled that she wasso happy to get her pie. Sharon even called a short while later to tell me how delicious it was. I can’t tell you how much joy that gave me!

And so before I go to bed tonight, I will ask you to consider nominating a “pie recipient.” While I won’t guarantee that each nominee will receive a pie, I will consider each request thoughtfully. And I thank everyone for your part in this journey.

And lastly, to the anonymous person who sent me a box of pie tins, THANK YOU! MUCHAS GRACIAS! MERCI! What a thoughtful gift! I am truly moved by your gesture.

3 Responses to “Day 156: Sharon”

  1. Chela September 10, 2011 at 5:04 AM #

    🙂 I’m so glad you’re being recognized for just being you! I know you’d do it without the recognition but you deserve it! I love you!

  2. Mari September 10, 2011 at 10:51 AM #

    I would like to nominate two physicians and nursing staff that saved my life.

    First, Dr. Petey Laohaburanakit, (AKA Dr. Petey) and his staff. Although he lives in Ashland he works as an Intensivist at RVMC’s intensive care unit. He and his staff do an amazing job. The nurses I dealt with in ICU were some of the very best, I can back this up because I am a nurse of 31 years and can spot talent and dedication.

    Second, Dr. Michael Narus, he lives in Jacksonville but works as a Physician specializing in Pediatrics and Adult Neurology at the Medford Neurological and Spine Clinic. He takes care of babies who did not get a fair start at birth.

    These two men and the staff at RVMC’s ICU save lives, deal with families of the patient’s, make difficult life and death decisions on a daily basis and work unforgiving hours helping adults and children. Just to be acknowledged would be amazing.

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