Day 79: Sheryl

24 Jun

Tonight we expected guests for dinner. They included Bob Mutchler, his wife Suz, daughers Annie and Claire and brother Dwight and sister Cheryl. Somehow, we had a few more guests than anticipated, but we still had enough food to go around.

We’ve known Bob and Suz for more than twenty four years and I met Bob’s twin sister Sheryl at his wedding. Sheryl was 8 months pregnant at the time but weighed under 100 lbs. She was as we east coasters affectionately referred to thin people, “a skinny melink.” I weighed more than Sheryl and I was not even a little bit pregnant!

Bob’s family and ours have been part of a group of friends that have had an annual camping weekend for more than 15 years. Sheryl has only come to our camping weekend once but she was so gracious and sweet that it was easy to want her back in our midst. She is an incredible cook and pretty funny besides.

Tonight when all our guests had gathered, I was able to present Sheryl with a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. She has been like a sister-in-law though I did not marry her brother. She has welcomed us into her home and and listened to our stories without looking bored. To Sheryl, I offer my sincerest thanks for welcoming us into the Mutchler fold. We feel so comfortable in her company and are very grateful for her friendship.

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