Thank you!

14 Apr

Sometimes you just have to thank someone for all the help that they have given over the years.  Today, the person that I want to thank is my friend named Jary.   He runs the produce department at the local grocery store.  He works too hard and is always on the go but if you need something produce related, he is the man to talk to.  He knows what is going on in the market and can give you the latest scoop on all things produce.

It’s good to have a friend who can help you when you need it; and as a caterer it is really nice to have Jary on my team.  From what I hear, he is an exceptional bowler as well as being a great human being.  The guys that work in his department are always friendly and helpful and I know it is because they are treated right.

Here’s to Jary and his team: thanks for everything you have done.   Enjoy this apple-blueberry pie – you all deserve it.  Muchas gracias!

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