Day 7: The best laid plans….

13 Apr

My plan for today was to get up early and bake a pie for the coordinator of the reading program at the elementary school where I volunteer.  First problem, I slept late.  That meant that there was not enough time to bake a pie by the 8:30 start time.  When I arrived at the school, I found out the that coordinator was absent – so that meant that it was okay that I slept in – I just needed to rethink my “pie recipient” of the day.  It didn’t take long at all to come up with another “pie person.”  But there was another problem – I could not reach him.

I went back to the drawing board and thought about the meeting I was going to attend this evening.  I have always brought food of some kind or another to this group – and I decided that today that food item would be pie.  I followed a recipe that had been given to me by a baker named Joy many years ago.  Before long I had two chocolate cream pies in the fridge ready for my meeting.

I bet many of you have attended meetings over the years and I wonder how often have you had food at these meetings?  Sharing food seems to me to be central to getting work done.  Sometimes folks come to evening meetings without having eaten dinner because of one reason or another.  How nice would it be for them to find a simple snack available?   Might it help them stay alert and focused on the business at hand?  Probably.  And I think it is only reasonable to offer something to people who are already giving so much.

Tonight I think my committee  members were pleased and surprised to receive a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie.  It was definitely out of the ordinary – but that is okay.  At times it is nice to exceed expectations.

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