Day Four

10 Apr

Today it was easy to choose a recipient for the pie giveaway.  Today is Saturday and most Saturday’s during the Spring and Summer I spend a few hours at the Rotary Garden.  This garden came about due to the generosity of Ned and Stella.  They offered to share a portion of their land with the Ashland Rotary club which enabled us to grow food for the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.  Each week a group of us meet at the garden to plant/weed/mow and eventually harvest produce.  It was at this garden that I dug up my first potatoes (it was like hunting for buried treasure!) but most of the time I mow the grass between the beds. It’s a job that needs to be done and it offers a big reward – you can see immediately the benefit of your work.  I like that!

Today I made a Dutch Apple Pie for Ned and Stella to thank them for opening up their hearts and gardens to those in need.   Last year we delivered over 3,000 pounds of fresh produce to the food bank – something we could not have done without you.  Thank you both.

One Response to “Day Four”

  1. Leslie April 10, 2011 at 9:35 PM #

    What a wonderful contribution to our local food bank! Thank you Karen and thank you Ned and Stella!

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