Day Five: Honoring Howard

10 Apr

Today I will be sharing a remembrance of a man named Howard.  Howard was a very dear friend of, and also a mentor to, my neighbor Armo.  Howard and Armo shared two bonds: forestry and flying.  They were both members of The Society of American Foresters and often attended meetings together. They were both true foresters, with a deep respect for nature.  They know what it takes to grow and manage a forest and they do not take their positions lightly.  They also know how to conserve resources; wood from one project may find its way into another project many years down the road.

A few  things that Armo shared about Howard:  He was a fighter pilot during the Korean War, flying for more than 1500 hours.  He taught forestry for what seemed like forever.  Over the course of his life he had worked in many parts of the world.  He played a huge role in the renovation project at the United Methodist Church in Ashland.  And he was a big man dedicated to bringing peace to the world.

During the past few weeks Armo shared that Howard had come to terms with dying.  He was a man of great faith and said he was “looking forward to the adventure.”   I bet he’s already walking among the tall trees.

Today, in honor of Howard, I made a “Kick Ass Apple Pie” and offer it with my deepest condolences to his family.


2 Responses to “Day Five: Honoring Howard”

  1. Debbie Pool April 11, 2011 at 3:40 AM #

    Not only are your pies a gift, your wonderful stories are a gift that touches each of us who reads them.

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