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Living On Mexico Time

4 Feb

Emile and I were lucky to have had the chance to spend almost two weeks in Barra de Navidad, Mexico and have just recently returned from that trip.  It was a wonderfully relaxing time for both of  us – we enjoyed long walks, swimming in a warm ocean, catching up with old friends, and making new ones.

This is a blog about gratitude and so I thought I would share photos of a few of the reasons I have to be grateful.



Having the chance to see cool and unusual creatures!


Spending time with dear friends.


Being able to bring supplies to the local school.


Watching as our favorite beach was undergoing much needed restoration.


and then thanking the backhoe operator for his hard work with a Coconut Cream Pie!


Finding our old friend, Jose of the Malecon, at his new workplace!


Playing Scrabble or Bananas with Emile almost daily!


Delivering one last Chocolate Cream Pie for our “hostess” Cynthia on the day we left.


And lastly, having a warm safe place to come home to.  Many thanks to the good neighbors that watched over our home and our fluffy kitty while we were away.  We’re both so grateful that we were able to take some time to unwind… and very thankful to have been missed while we were gone. We’re lucky ducks to be sure.

As we sat in the airport in Los Angelos awaiting our flight, I was texting with my son, Coco, and in trying to explain the affinity I feel for Mexico  (the people, the weather, the food, and the bright colors everywhere), I said, “I think I was Mexican in a past life” and he wrote back, “Mom, I think you’re still Mexican!”   You know, he just might be right.

A wise man travels to discover himself.  James Russell Lowell

Take vacations… go as many places as you can.  You can always make money; you can’t always make memories.  Unknown



Day 192: Vacation

15 Oct

We are traveling for a few days and tonight I tried to send my post via using my phone from Autzen Stadium while watching a Duck’s game.  It was messy…  Here is the edited version.

Today is the first day of vacation for my husband.  Yes, he has had days off, but this is the beginning of a whole week away from work.

However, before we could leave, I needed to make a wedding cake. I’ve been planning this cake for months with the brides Mom and Aunt and finally the day had arrived.

Here is what the cake looked like:

Now we are at a Ducks football game (and I didn’t even know ducks played football!) and they are winning!  Final score:  41-27 – Go Ducks!

And before I left town,  I brought the pie of the day (apple raisin)  to a man celebrating his 90th birthday.  L’chaim!