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DAY 46: Ellie

23 May

Mushroom, Spinach and Pepper Quiche

Quiche. It is such a fun word to say. And I love the company name “Love and Quiches” for it seems to say it all. Today I decided again to make a quiche. As I drove up the street, I thought about who might appreciate a quiche. As I passed Ellie’s house, I knew immediately who I wanted to surprise with a savory pie. And as luck would have it, as I was entering the grocery store (to buy ingredients for the quiche), Ellie was exiting. I tried to casually ask if she ate dairy products – for that is a pretty large component of quiche. When she said “yes” I knew I was on the right track.

Once I got home I began prepping the ingredients Рcutting the mushrooms, saut̩ing the vegetables, grating the cheese, rolling out the crust. I thought you might like to catch a glimpse of the process:

Late this afternoon, I made my way to Ellie’s house and delivered the quiche to her and her family. It was a tangible way to thank and acknowledge her – for her gentle, caring spirit, for her willingness to share her music, and for her support of our community. We are so lucky to have her in our midst.