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Day 277: Scattered thoughts

8 Jan

Several times this week I found myself thinking about a lady named Esther from church, and that seemed enough of a reason to select her as today’s pie recipient. As I wasn’t sure what type of pie was her favorite, I decided to make a simple Apple Pie and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to decorate the top crust. That little touch made such a difference to me… and Esther seemed to appreciate the added touch as well.


In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I had found a recipe for Chess Pie and I asked if anyone had ever made it… and what they thought of it. This afternoon I received several emails about this pie, and a man named David sent me a recipe for Chocolate Chess Pie. I’ll share the recipe when I make it… because I will definitely be making this pie this week.


Tonight we are happy that our daughter has arrived home safely from her vacation to Copenhagen. She is exhausted from a trip that took about 24 hours, but she had a wonderful time and is looking forward to starting her next to last term at Southern Oregon University tomorrow.


Tonight as I make my way to bed I thought I would leave you with a short clip of my favorite comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, dancing and synched to the music of Santana.  Click on the link below and enjoy.  Sweet dreams.

Laurel and Hardy