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A Gift of Love and Support

15 Dec

anny's pie 2Yesterday I traveled to Missoula, Montana to visit my son Coco.  He’s been living there for almost two years, and our family was able to spend Christmas with him last year.  This year, however, that won’t be possible due to a number of circumstances and so instead I will spend some time with him before the holidays.  As I’ve not seen him for a year, I have been looking forward to this visit very much .

During the week prior to the trip, I was busy working on a few catering events, getting Christmas packages into the mail, and attending to myriad household details.  The morning I was to leave, I still needed to pack my bags and pay a visit to my Dad.

Even though my schedule was fairly full, before I left I really wanted to (read: needed to) make a pie for a dear friend who has been going through a particularly difficult time.  What I find intriguing, is that while she is facing this “life crisis”, she is also awaiting and preparing for what will likely be one of the most memorable experiences of her life.

It can be hard to fathom the juxtaposition of happy and sad events that life presents to us.  For me, my most challenging moments came when my daughter was born and then a few months later, my mother lost her battle with cancer.   I was totally unprepared to handle the emotional pull in two very different directions – caring for my newborn while saying goodbye to my Mom.

What I want to say to my friend by giving her a pie, is to let her know that this difficult moment will pass, and more importantly, to remind her that she is surrounded by a caring community that loves and supports her.   We will be there to help her every step of the way… and are more than honored to do so.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. – Charlotte Bronte

Day 274: Baked with Love

5 Jan

Sometimes I am asked if I ever dread “having” to make a pie.  Perhaps it’s hard for some people to believe that I really look forward to making a pie everyday. But I don’t have to make a pie a day… I get  to make a pie a day.  It’s my choice and privilege to do this… and that makes all the difference.

How could you not look forward to telling someone that you care about them?  For that’s what I am doing.  But instead of using the phone or a Hallmark card to do that, I am mixing flour and butter to make a crust, cutting fruit and tossing it with sugar for a filling and baking it all in an oven turned to 375.  An hour or so later out comes a piping hot, golden brown pastry,  filled with as much love as I could squeeze in.

Nine months ago when I began this project, the following words were a part of my very first post:

I’ve long been a fan of the book/movie “Like Water for Chocolate”.  In this film the lead character is a wonderful cook who infuses the foods that she prepares with the emotions that she is feeling at the time.  I hope to infuse the pies that I make with love and good wishes to all that receive them.

All these months later, my hope remains the same.
When I delivered my pie yesterday, the lady who received it asked if I had already chosen a pie recipient for today.  When I told her no, she asked if I would please bring a pie to a friend of hers who going through a very difficult time.   And of course I did….  baked with love, and sent with my best wishes for health and healing.