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Day 207: Counting our Blessings

30 Oct

Yesterday in the Northeastern part of the country there was a storm that broke many of the previous records for snow in the area.   On the 29th of October we experienced a pretty nasty snowstorm.   There was a lot of snow, ice and slush.  Many trees were felled by the weight of the snow on their branches… and thousands upon thousands of people were without power because of downed power lines.

Yet here on my sister’s quiet street on Staten Island, we did not have any downed trees; we did not lose power – we were very lucky.  We read in the news today that many folks are still without power, and may be without power for a few days.   It is at times like these that it is important to count your blessings.  Okay, there was snow in October and you may have felt like singing Christmas carols instead of donning a Halloween costume.  But if your life was pretty much unaffected, you need to take a moment to thank your lucky stars.

It seems that it is natural for us to complain about our minor inconveniences rather than thank God (or the Universe, or whomever you please) for the blessings we have.  Do you  have food to eat?  A place to sleep?  Check out this poster and really take a moment to think about how fortunate you are.

This afternoon I gave an Apple Cranberry Pie to a man who has been an incredibly giving volunteer at a local church in my old neighborhood.  This is a guy who has a demanding full-time job yet still finds time to give many hours to the causes that are important to him.  He is a true blessing to the folks that he serves… and I hope that he knows that his service is very much appreciated.