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Thank you, Nurse Kathleen!

9 Jan

Kathleen's pie

This past week my Dad fell twice.  Both falls occurred during the wee hours of the morning and thankfully my Dad did not suffer any injuries… but of course that does not mean that I wasn’t worried about him.  Immediately I began wondering what was causing him to fall and what could be done to prevent him from falling in the future.

When I asked Dad what he thought was going on, he really didn’t know.  That might also be a part of the problem.  When Dad awakes, he “thinks” he is fine and so he tries to get up (maybe before he is really awake or before his body is ready) and then tumbles to the floor.   To make matters worse, Dad chooses not to call the med-tech on duty because he “doesn’t want to bother” anyone and so he remains on the floor for an hour or more.

Fortunately I found that I was not alone in my concern.    A few days ago I received a call from the staff nurse at the facility where my Dad is staying and she asked if we could talk.  Since I was about to bring my Dad back to the facility, I agreed to meet with her.  When Dad and I sat with Kathleen I was impressed with the caring way that she spoke to my Dad and how she shared real concern for his safety.  She was able to do so in such a way that captured his attention in ways that I as his daughter cannot.

We agreed to ask Dad’s doctor to look into adjusting Dad’s medications and also encouraged Dad to consider calling for help before he gets up in the night… at least for a week or two.  When I finally left the facility to go back home, I felt a great sense of relief because I had found an ally on this journey.  This is not to say that the rest of the staff is lacking; that is not true at all.  But after talking with Kathleen I felt that someone understood my Dad, had a connection with him, and was looking out for him.  That means a lot to me and so yesterday afternoon I stopped by Kathleen’s office with an Apple Pie to thank her.   It’s so very nice to know that I have her on my team.



“It is not how much you do but how much love you put in the doing.”  Mother Teresa





Day 48: Amy the Kitchen Maven

25 May

Dutch Apple Pie

Amy came to Helman Elementary while my son was still there. She was in charge of the cafeteria and what made her special is that she really seemed to like to cook and bake. And (bonus!) she liked kids! She always had a big smile on her face when the children would start filing in for lunch. This was not a “job” for her; she knew that she was in a place where she could make a difference.

It made me feel good to know that Amy was at Helman because she really paid attention to each child; she had a sort of sixth sense with them. She could make a connection by asking a simple question of them or by commenting on their outfit. The kids knew that Amy noticed them and that she was present for them – not just as the person providing them with lunch – but as a caring friend.

Today I brought an apple pie to thank Amy for her giving spirit only to find out that she has gone to be with an ailing relative. Tina has stepped in and is now in charge of the cafeteria at Helman. Tina and I have boys who grew up together and are about to graduate next week. I told Tina that though the pie was originally intended for Amy, that I hoped that she would accept it because she is now the one watching over our children at lunch. It’s a very important position – and I am thrilled to know that we have another caring Mom looking out for our kids.