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Day 120: SPLAT!

4 Aug

Every so often, you realize that you are really not in control of your life. Or, to put it another way, “life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans” as the late John Lennon once said.

This morning, my first priority was to make a cake for the Ashland Rotary Club‘s birthday table. I took a few photos of the process to share so that you might copy what I did at some point, which is really quite simple. The last photo shows me shaving some chocolate onto the cake with a paring knife – much easier than “pressing” chocolate shavings onto the cake.

After the Rotary cake was delivered I waited for the Marionberry Crumb Crust pie to emerge from the oven destined for a non profit agency in a nearby town. At last it was done and I was carrying it to the car when….. SPLAT!

Somehow I had slipped on the front step and as I stumbled to the ground the lovely pie flew in the air and fell beside me. My son heard my scream and ran outside to find me laying next to the pie. I was laughing so hard he thought I was crying – and the berry juice was EVERYWHERE! It looked as if I was bleeding profusely! The concerned look on his face was priceless. Needless to say, this pie did not make it to it’s intended destination. Instead, it was delivered to the sidewalk outside my house. And even though I thought about trying to deliver another pie today… I had to stop myself. When the Universe sends a message this clear, you should listen.