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Day 221: Mr. Joe

13 Nov

A few days ago when I was delivering a pie to a teacher named Marcia, I ran into a friend of mine named Mary. She saw that I had brought a pie with me and wanted to know more about it. I explained my pie project to her and how Marcia had been suggested as a pie recipient by another pie recipient.

Mary seemed to think this “pie project” was a pretty neat idea and asked if I was still taking requests. “Of course” I answered and then Mary told me about a man that she worked with that she thought really deserved a pie.

The man’s name is “Mr. Joe” and he works in the special ed classroom with Mary at Bellview Elementary. Mary had only the nicest things to say about Mr. Joe. And then she told me that Mr. Joe wasn’t working because he was home recuperating from surgery. Then she told me that she thought that he would be delighted to receive a pie.

And so this evening I brought a Bacon and Cheddar Quiche to Mr. Joe – a man I had never met – simply because he was held in the highest regard by a friend.

Day 212: Friends of the Ashland Library

4 Nov

Last evening we had dinner with our neighbors Deb and Armo and I was reminded that tomorrow (Saturday, November 5) the Friends of the Ashland Library will be hosting one of their biggest fundraising events – the Annual Book Sale and Silent Auction. The hours for this event are from 12:00 to 4:00 PM on Saturday (with a members only presale from 10AM til noon – and yes, memberships are available at the door!) and from 12:00 to 3:00PM on Sunday.

This is a wonderful chance for you to purchase gifts for the holidays and feel good about the money that you are spending because it will benefit our beautiful library. There will be hundreds of books available for purchase in new or nearly new condition. In addition, many local businesses have donated goods or services to the auction and the volunteers have put these items together in a number of themed gift baskets for you to bid on.

Since I knew that the volunteers would be working long hours today finalizing preparations for this big sale, I sent a Bacon and Cheddar Quiche to the library so that they might have something to sustain them. This afternoon I received a text from Deb with these words: “If it hadn’t been for your quiche, we’d’ve not had the engergy to still be working… we are so lucky.” Actually, we the people of Ashland, are the lucky ones to have such dedicated volunteers working to keep our library as wonderful as it is.