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Day 278: Dietary Dave

9 Jan

Chocolate Cream Pie

Several years ago my husband and I were asked by Ashland Community Hospital (ACH)   to help them change the way that they delivered  food to their patients.  It was part of the administration’s goal to move to more patient-centered care, one aspect of which is giving patients choices in what and when they eat.   We worked with the staff to create a menu that offered healthy meal choices and was also  practical.

During that time, we had the opportunity to work closely with Dave – who is known as Dietary Dave around the halls of ACH.  Dave has worked in the kitchen at the hospital for a long time, holding various titles.  Currently, he manages the catering for all of the meetings at the hospital in addition to filling in wherever he is needed in the kitchen.

Dave brings more  to the hospital than his cooking skills, and that is his ability to work well with people.  Dave always has a ready smile and is quick to make a joke.  In an environment as charged as a hospital can be at times, Dave provides comic relief.  That is a very valuable gift.

Since I have spent time working with Dave I knew he would love a Chocolate Cream Pie… and the chocolate covered coffee beans on top were just a bonus.  It is my way of thanking Dave for his support when we worked together, and for the positive attitude that he brings to work each and every day.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill

Day 178: Ashland Birthing Center

1 Oct

On this day, twenty three years ago at 7:02 PM my baby girl was born. It had been a twenty-five hour labor and at times it was pretty intense (as I remember it). Even though I had been to birthing classes and thought I could handle natural childbirth, I was definitely not prepared for the pain. Call me a wimp – it was hard.

In birthing class the instructor had done all she could to help us “imagine” a very hard contraction and we all did the best we could. But who imagines that kind of pain? Well, not me. I had no clue. Suddenly there I was in the birthing center at Ashland Community Hospital screaming my head off.

And I was embarrassed to be doing that because another woman from my birthing class was also in the hospital giving birth. She was a super athlete and I was not even a contender and I did not want to be screaming in pain with her down the hall! (Later this woman told me that she didn’t hear me screaming because she was screaming herself!)

At one point, perhaps twenty two hours into labor, I lost it – I simply forgot how to breathe. When the contractions came I tensed up and held my breath. The nurse who was on duty kept telling me to breathe… but somehow I had forgotten how to do that. A short time later, as I held the hand of the nurse with my left hand and my husband to the right I felt a contraction coming. I tensed again and instead of screaming I chose to bite down on my left hand. And it didn’t even hurt. When I looked at my hand I saw that instead of biting my own hand I had bitten the hand of the nurse!

Immediately I began apologizing to her, and to her credit, she did not slap me! She just told me again that I needed to breathe. When I told her that I did not know how to breathe, she held my face between her hands and demonstrated how to breathe. I remember looking at her and thinking “Wow… she is amazing.”

Tonight, I brought a spinach, roasted pepper and caramelized onion quiche to the birthing center at Ashland Community Hospital to thank the nurses for the work that they do. It is such a wonderful gift that they give to all of the families that have their babies there. And I am very thankful for their efforts. And to that nurse whose hand I bit, I really am so sorry.

Day 88: Lucky

3 Jul

After our morning walk I decided that instead of driving to church I would ride my bicycle. It was such a pretty day for a ride – sunny skies and not too warm. I don’t ride as often as I could, and knowing that my daughter (who lives in Copenhagen) rides her bike everywhere – in all kinds of weather – I felt there was no reason not to ride. With that decided, I got dressed, found my helmet and took off.

A short time later I was riding through downtown Ashland. I waited at a stop light and was feeling pretty good about my decision to ride. As the light changed, I took off and was riding in the right lane when all of a sudden a car came from behind and hit me and the next thing I knew I was on the pavement. Immediately several folks came to my assistance. They helped me get up from the road, called 911, and sat with me until help arrived. My heart is full of gratitude to them for all that they did – and I know one of the women told me her name but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. You can bet that when I find them, I will be making them a pie.

The next few hours were spent answering the questions of Dana, the emergency responder, John, the police officer on the scene, and then the wonderful staff at the emergency room of Ashland Community Hospital. What I remember feeling – in addition to the obvious pain – was such a great sense of relief. Yes, I’d been injured but I knew that I was good hands – and soon I would be all right.

As far as we know now, I have a cracked rib (#6, left side, in case you are interested). When I came home from the hospital I was still too wired (adrenaline is an amazing thing) to lay down and so (do you know what is coming next?) I baked pies. One pie was for today and one is for tomorrow because I was told that tomorrow I might not feel so good – and I just couldn’t take any chances.

I know that I am very lucky – things could have gone much worse for me today. Knowing that, it was easy to pour my efforts into helping someone else. Tonight I brought an Apple Crumb Crust pie to some friends who have been experiencing a tough time. I want them to know that their friends care about them, that we’re ready to help, and that we’re keeping them in our prayers.