Day 328: Westtown Friends School

28 Feb

Tonight, our friend Deedie Runkel hosted a reunion for friends of  Westtown School living in southern Oregon.  The event was held at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Ashland.  My husband, Emile, is an alumnus of Westtown, having graduated in 1977;  his mother, Diane,  is also an alum.  The opportunity to meet other alumni on the west coast is rare and so we made plans to attend.

Westtown is a Quaker school located in Westtown, Pennsylvania.  What follows are some of the facts about Westtown that I found on their website:

  • Westtown was established in 1799
  • Westtown is the oldest continuously operating co-educational boarding school in the country
  • 100% of Westtown graduates attend college
  • The campus for the school encompasses 600 acres
  • An N.C. Wyeth painting, The Giant,  hangs in the dining room at Westtown.  It is a beautiful memorial to Westtown graduate William Engle.

As I was thinking about where to give my pie today, I thought maybe it would be nice to share it with the friends that we would meet tonight.  I called Deedie and asked what kind of pie might be in order for such a gathering.  She suggested something savory, and so I prepared a ham, roasted asparagus, and cheddar quiche for the event.

About a dozen friends nibbled on quiche and a variety of other treats, as we shared our memories of,  and our fondness for, Westtown.  A pie shared with friends… what a perfect combination!

“Quakers almost as good as colored. They call themselves friends and you can trust them every time.”
Harriet Tubman

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