Day 311: Gavin and Family

11 Feb

S’more Pie

A few days ago, our friend Todd emailed us to let us know that his son, Gavin, would be competing this weekend in the regional wrestling tournament which was being held at Eagle Point High School.  Gavin is a senior at Bend High School and has been wrestling since he was in the sixth grade.  Last year he came in second in his class at the state finals.

Gavin had two matches yesterday and two matches today.  He won the matches yesterday and also won the first match today… and then Gavin got to compete against the top wrestler in the country in his class!  Talk about luck! Last year Gavin competed against this same guy and was pinned in under a minute.  Today it took more than 3 minutes for the guy to pin him.  That means that Gavin earned a second place ranking and is headed to the state finals in two weeks.

Bend High School Wrestling Team

Todd asked if I would consider making Gavin a pie as a special treat for after the tournament.  Then he said that Gavin’s favorite pie was S’more Pie.  Since I have never made a S’more Pie, I was looking forward to making one today.  There were quite a few recipes for this pie on the internet.  Some of the recipes called for making a chocolate pudding and then adding marshmallow cream, while others called for a ganache filling that was topped with marshmallows.

The S’more Pie that I chose to make used the ganache filling and was topped with mini-marshmallows.  That was then set under the broiler until it was lightly golden and then I tossed some chocolate chips on top.  It smelled divine – just like it might at a campfire!

Gavin received his pie after the final match but then he was being whisked off to the team bus for the ride back to Bend.  He asked his parents to safeguard his pie until he got home because he wanted it all to himself.  And he deserves it!  Congratulations Gavin on your second place finish and we wish you all the best at the state finals!

“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.”

~Arthur Ashe~

Todd, Gavin, Grace and Parker

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