Day 307: Jose of the Malecon

7 Feb

Chocolate Cream Pie

Today I made the last pie I will make in Mexico.  We leave in an hour or so to go to the airport and I am so sorry to leave the warm sunshine the hospitable folks that we have met this past 9 days.

For our last excursion we went out to the Malecon and rented an umbrella/table and had our lunch overlooking the ocean.  Of course we watched more of the pelicans, furiously diving for their fish and we had to say “no gracias” to many of the vendedores who traipse up and down the beach hoping to make a sale.

On the malecon we met Jose, the man who takes care of the umbrellas and cleans the area each day for visitors. We had seen Jose on our last visit to Barra and we had enjoyed renting from him and admired his determination to keep the area in good shape.

When I talked with Jose today, I asked him how many children he had and he told me that he had five, three girls and two boys.  Who better to receive a chocolate pie than a man with five kids?  So, that is it.  My last pie was given to Jose… and he is excited to bring it home to share it with his family… and I am grateful for the opportunity to have enjoyed the harbor wall that he oversees.

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