Day 305: Michaela

5 Feb

At Isla de Navidad

This morning we met up with David and his family near our apartment.  We walked up the street to the church dedicated to St. Anthony and I told them about the “miracle” that occurred there about 40 years ago.  Seems there was a hurricane in September of 1971 and the townspeople were in the church praying for assistance when suddenly the storm abated.  At the same time that that happened, the outstretched arms of Christ on the cross suddenly fell and hung at his side.  This was deemed a miracle and the arms have remained in that position ever since.

After we had everyone organized and all details handled, we  only had an hour or so to spend together before David and family had to head back to Guadalajara.  With so little time to spend, we decided to take  the short drive to Colamilla.  We eventually found ourselves on a beautiful beach where we took some photos, found some pretty shells,  and then we had to say our goodbyes.

After bidding farewell, my husband and I walked along the beach for hours and then walked along the beautiful, and private, golf course which is part of the Grand Bay Hotel.  Finally we found our way to Mary’s  – a restaurant along the beach on the other side of the island where we had a refreshing cerveza while we waited for the boat to take us back to Barra.

Once we were back in town, I was happy to find a local grocer selling strawberries because I wanted to use them to decorate the top of my custard pie.  This pie was made for Michaela, a woman who lives a few doors down from where we are staying in Barra, and she is very good friends with the owners of our apartment. Michaela has been friendly and helpful during our stay and we enjoy stopping by her shop.  Each morning as we pass, Michaela smiles broadly and  greets us saying,  “Buenos Dias.”  In the evening she offers a “Buenos Noches” as we head home to bed.

For her gracious hospitality and warm welcome to Barra de Navidad, tonight I gave Michaela a Vanilla Custard Pie garnished with strawberries.  A simple gift for a simply lovely lady.

2 Responses to “Day 305: Michaela”

  1. Wendy February 6, 2012 at 9:26 AM #

    I am so enjoying your ventures in the south . . . and the Pie A Days that have gone international, along with the pie producer. Very different than sending them internationally, for here you are interacting and bringing joy along with the pies. A very special kind of ambassador. Thanks, Karen.

  2. Karen Amarotico February 6, 2012 at 10:19 AM #

    Thank you Wendy. It’s hard to explain the blog to some but everyone understands the gift. Thanks again for noticing.

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