Day 259: Karyn’s Quiche

21 Dec

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day, culminating in my catering a 50th Anniversary Party for a friend. After such a busy day, I knew that I needed to get busy making a pie early in the day because I wasn’t sure how long my energy would hold out.

With temperatures in the high twenties (28 when I woke up!) I thought making a quiche sounded like a good (and warm!) idea and so I gathered together these ingredients: italian sausage, mushrooms, peppers, and sharp cheddar cheese. In no time at all I had the quiche in the oven and then prepared to run my errands.

One of those errands involved bringing a gift of cat food to Rhonda at the Ashland Elk’s Lodge. Rhonda does pet therapy with veterans at the domiciliary in White City and she promised that she would bring my gift to a man out there who has a cat named Pearl. I thought that Rhonda would be a perfect pie recipient but I had a nagging suspicion that she was a vegetarian.

When I got to the Lodge I saw Karyn in the office and she told me that Rhonda was already there. I thanked her and went off to find Rhonda. When I did locate her I gave her the cat food and showed her the quiche and my suspicions were confirmed: Rhonda is a vegetarian! Even though she could not eat the pie, Rhonda smiled and told me that she would find someone special to give it to. And I knew that she would find just the right person… because she is really good at that!

Later today I received an email from Karyn. She told me that she had been feeling like she was in the doldrums this morning and she was delighted when Rhonda gifted the quiche I had made to her. What a great choice Rhonda! I think that Karyn is the glue that holds our lodge together and she certainly deserves a pie! Thank you Karyn for the work you do for the Ashland Elks… and thank you Rhonda for your caring and perceptive spirit.

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