Day 257: Another Barbara

19 Dec

It was many years ago when we met Barbara and her husband Bill for the first time. We became acquainted with them through our relatives, and liked them immediately. One of my fondest memories of them was when I told Barbara and Bill that I was going back to Staten Island for a week with my kids, and that I had no one to tend to the rabbit that we had at the time. Then Barb and Bill said that they would watch our rabbit for us. Now I ask you, who does that? Not many, and I was really touched that they really were willing to watch our rabbit (at their house no less!) for us while we were away.

Not only did they watch our rabbit… but Bill built him a hutch while we were gone! It was such a gift to us… and our bunny… and I will always remember the thoughtfulness of that gift.

A few years ago Bill passed away and then Barbara moved back to Ohio to be closer to her family. Though I understood her reasons for leaving, I missed seeing her smiling face. And then Barb decided to move back to Ashland and I thought, “How wonderful for us that she is here!”

Yesterday a friend told me that Barb was experiencing some pain and she was also having trouble getting around. I offered to bring her a quiche and so today I prepared one with spinach, red pepper and white cheddar cheese. I wanted to send something that was tasty but also contained ingredients that might enhance her strength. And of course, I put in as much love as I could for Barb is a very gracious lady and also a good friend.

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