Day 245: A Friend

7 Dec

I have a friend who has been living on the streets for years. How he does it, I can’t really imagine. I live in a world of clean sheets, warm showers and a refrigerator full of food. My home is not a mansion, but it is a safe, warm place where I can invite friends in or close out the world. What luxury.

This man survives on the kindness of strangers. But I think many people help him because he is not really that different from them. And when we see someone like us that needs help, we are often willing to offer assistance, perhaps because we hope that if we were in need, someone would help us.

This reminds me of a children’s story about a devout man who was told that God was going to visit him at his home. All day the man prepared for the visit by cleaning, cooking, etc. That evening the man sat and patiently waited for God to arrive. There came a knock on the door and a poor beggar asked for a bit of food. The man hesitated, for the feast he had prepared was for God, but then he invited the man in and fed him. When he was full, the poor man thanked him and left. The devout man waited again, and there was another knock on the door. This time there was a man in need of warm clothing. The devout man had fashioned a fine coat as a gift to God, but since God had not arrived, he gave it to the one in need at his door instead. Finally, as the man was about to go to bed, there was another knock at the door. Perhaps it was the lord at last? But no, it was another traveler in need of a place to sleep. The devout man brought the traveler in and gave him a place to rest his head and headed to bed.

Before retiring, the devout man was disappointed and so he prayed and asked God why he had not come to his home. As you probably have guessed, he heard these words, ” But I did visit you tonight. I came first as the beggar, and you fed me. Then I came needing clothing and you gave me a warm garment. Lastly, I came as a traveler in need of rest and you offered me a place to sleep.” Such a simple story, but such a compelling message.

Tonight I made a pumpkin pie – to bring to my friend and asked him who he would give it to if he had the chance. Immediately, he told me about a young lady who has been kind to him and so together we went to her and presented the pie. She was delighted, as was he for the opportunity to give a gift. And all I had to do to be a part of it all was to make the pie .

One Response to “Day 245: A Friend”

  1. Donna Wright December 8, 2011 at 12:35 PM #

    What a wonderful thing to do! You enabled someone who would not have been able to give to feel the joy of giving. You just think of everything!

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