Day 232: Buff

24 Nov

Thanksgiving is a day when we give thanks for what we have been given… and, it goes without saying that we who live in this land of opportunity, have much to be thankful for. At this moment, I am grateful that my daughter is home with us finishing her degree (in accounting) and I am thrilled that my son survived a potentially life-threatening accident in Minnesota. I dare not ask why we are so fortunate… for there seems to be no rhyme or reason for our luck.

This morning I had a busy schedule: I was asked to make biscotti, two pies and three dozen rolls for friends. In addition, I was to make two dozen rolls for dinner and an appetizer for the party that we were invited to. That seemed like a lot to accomplish this morning… but somehow I managed.

And still there was the “pie a day” recipient to think about. But since I’d seen him a few days ago, it was not hard to determine who “he” was.

Buff is an amazing man. He is a talented musician… he is concerned and considerate uncle… and he has been a tremendous influence on the men in his family. They have learned from him what it means to be a man.

Today, I sent Buff a Pecan Pie to acknowledge all of the guidance that he has given to his family and friends… and to thank him for his strength of character. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

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