Day 217: Marcia

9 Nov

As a response to the post I wrote yesterday, I received a recommendation from Mary for a pie recipient whose name is Marcia. Marcia is the reading specialist at Walker Elementary School in Ashland and here is what Mary has written about her:

I would like to recommend a colleague that I work with. Her name is Marcia. She is an incredible force at Walker School. Marcia is the reading specialist and has an amazing gift to ignite children. And when a child is struggling to read, she is tenacious in advocating for that child to get the help that they need. Also, she is getting remarried this Friday, 11/11/11 and she is like a teenager all over again.

What a wonderful suggestion! I love that Marcia “ignites” children to learn to read. Having been a SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) volunteer for many years, I am delighted that Marcia is driven to helping her students crack the code to reading. And I am tickled to know that she is “in love” and getting married.

This afternoon I brought a warm Apple Pie to Walker School for Marcia to share with her family (many of whom are flying in for the wedding). I wish her the very best this weekend… and always. And I thank her from the bottom of my heart for unlocking the mystery of reading for her students.

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