Day 214: Andy

6 Nov

Yesterday my daughter Alexandra ran into Andy, one of her friends from Ashland High School. Andy mentioned that he and his wife were in town for a family reunion because his brother was going to be moving away for a new job. This special family gathering seemed like a perfect occasion for a pie!

When Alexandra was in high school, she was a reporter for the Ashland Daily Tidings. As her Mom, I was impressed that she was confident enough to go out and meet people that she did not know and conduct the interviews as a professional. And on several occasions, Andy accompanied her as the photographer. Knowing that Alex had a friend with her on those outings certainly gave me greater level of comfort.

In those days, Andy was one of a group of Alex’s friends that would come to the house, say hello to me on the way to her room and feel totally comfortable walking into the kitchen and checking out the food situation in the fridge. In other words, these friends seemed to feel at ease in our home – and that felt pretty good.

Early this morning I brought an Apple Blueberry Pie to Andy’s house so that his family could have a surprise treat for breakfast. I wanted to wish them all a wonderful reunion and to thank Andy for being an important part of our lives.

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