Day 197: Jerry Pariseau

20 Oct

Earlier this year, my husband and I signed up for dance lessons through the First Presbyterian church.  Our friends, Gene and Marilyn, told us about the classes and how much fun they were, and we thought we’d give it a try.  We had taken a dance class only once before in our many years together and it had been fun, but once it ended our dancing days seemed over.

When it came time for these lessons, we were both looking forward to them.  We met our instructor, Jerry Pariseau, and immediately liked him.  Jerry has a business called “Follow my Lead” and he teaches many classes throughout the week. He is patient, funny, and he makes it easy to learn all the different dance moves. We have really enjoyed our time in this class.

What I find remarkable is when I see the men in our class (my husband included) who can do amazing things in the world of work, suddenly look like deer in the headlights because this “dancing” thing is so foreign to them. Jerry will show them the steps to a dance and their eyes all get big and round. But what is really wonderful is that they are all willing to take these dance lessons so that they can spend time holding their wives and moving around to music. That’s pretty special.

Tonight was the last night of our dance lessons and so I brought Jerry an Apple Blueberry Pie. I wanted to thank him for his lighthearted approach to dance – and for making it so easy for us all to “follow his lead.”

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