A question for my readers

16 Oct

We are traveling to Newport, Oregon today and we plan to stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel.  We will ask if I can bake a couple of pies there… and I hope they will let me.  However, if that fails, I wanted to ask if anyone knows anyone in Newport who might be willing to let me bake in their kitchen.  I have pie dough ready… and pie tins.  I will pick up fruit on the way.  And the person who lets me use their kitchen may keep the pie… or designate the pie recipient.  Remember, this journey is all about giving.  By the way, today’s pie is baked already and will be delivered later.  What I need is a berth for baking tomorrow.

You can email me on this blog or at Kamarotico@aol.com

Thanks for thinking about this… and I wish you all a lovely Sunday.

Pie it forward,

The (crazy?) pie lady

One Response to “A question for my readers”

  1. Carrie Prechtel October 16, 2011 at 12:32 PM #

    I once saw Paula cook a dessert in a dutch oven over a fire. Maybe a fire on the beach if a kitchen doesn’t happen…

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