Day 182: Dennis

5 Oct

Dennis Slattery has lived in Ashland for more than thirty years. He is a CPA with a masters in business administration and he is on the faculty of the School of Business at Southern Oregon University. He is also a city councilman for Ashland and has been very active with the Ashland Chamber of Commerce (he was elected president twice) and has served on the Ashland Economic Sustainability Committee.

Dennis was my daughter’s instructor for Managerial Accounting and he has been a mentor to her ever since. When I spoke to Dennis last spring about his job, he told me that he loves teaching and that he feels passionate about it. It’s not a job to him – it’s about helping students find the success that they seek.

Today I decided to bake an apple pie for Dennis. When his pie was baked, I drove to the university to deliver it to him. I circled the lot a few times but could not find a single space to park my car. Finally, I decided to park illegally for a few minutes so I could just run in and give him the pie. Unfortunately, Dennis was not in yet. In fact, he was not due for class for two hours. That is when I decided I would have to leave the pie with Kathy, the School of Business Secretary.

While I waited for Kathy to finish a call, the door on the opposite side of the office opened, and in walked, you guessed it, Dennis. It was absolutely perfect timing! Sometimes things work out like that.

To Dennis, and his lovely wife, Sandra, thank you for all that you do for others. We are really lucky to have you in our little town.

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