Day 174: Theresa

27 Sep

As I was preparing for today’s pie, I first needed to make a batch of pie dough. My plan was to make a blackberry peach pie but the peaches were not ripe and so I had to rethink my plan. That is when I decided to make a triple berry pie and this is what the prep looked like:

As I was preparing the berries for the pie I remembered that I had a request to bring a pie to a lady who loved berries but was gluten-free. That meant that I did not need a crust at all for this pie. I found a glass pie dish and prepared the berries for a cobbler and made a crumb topping with gluten free oats, sugar and butter. The combination of all these ingredients as they baked created an incredible aroma in the kitchen.

When the cobbler was baked I called the pie recipient. Since she was not at home, I left a message explaining that I had something to deliver to her and I hoped that she would call me back soon. It was less than an hour later when my call was returned. The voice on the other end of the line said “I think you must have the wrong person.” It took a moment to assure her that I had the right person after all.

A short time later I delivered the three berry cobbler to Theresa, a beautiful lady who lives near Southern Oregon University. We talked about where we each had lived and I was surprised to learn that we were both born in New York – she on Manhattan, me on Staten Island. We both had lived in the bay area – she in Walnut Creek, me in San Francisco.

About ten years ago, Theresa told me that spent two years in a remote village in Alaska. The total population of that village was 165. She had to put up with hardships that I can’t begin to imagine yet she felt that she was called to be there and so she adapted. One skill that she learned during that time was beading. She insisted on giving me one of the beaded pen sheaths that she learned to make during those long cold winter nights.

This afternoon I shared an hour with a lady I’d never met before and learned so much about her life in that time. I imagine that there are thousands of wonderful stories like this waiting to be told. Maybe all that we need to do to hear them is take the time to listen… and perhaps bake a pie :-).

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