Day 169: Paula

22 Sep

A few days ago I saw Paula leaving to go to church to preach. These words do not do justice to the image that Paula exuded. She looked ever so much like a lady going to a party… and I love that she had on high heels and a flowing dress and she was on her way to preach!

I’ve known Paula for a many years. Our kids are close in age and we met through our daycare provider. It was a simple connection but a good one. From that chance encounter, Paula asked me to attend the church that she was connected to. I was moved to visit that church and am still connected to it today.

This church has undergone many changes over the last ten years. And while I would not consider myself religious, I really like connecting with the people from this congregation. What I have done as a form of service is to help with coffee hour. I love that the people in church stop and chat for a moment after the service if we offer them a cookie or some other treat. It gives us a chance to strengthen the bonds that we have – and to me that is so important.

A while ago, Paula took some words of scripture and then added a melody to create a song that we sang at the end of each of our informal services. One of the lines from that song goes as follows: So be swift to love, make haste to be kind, and gladden the hearts of those who travel the way.”

This is such a wonderful admonition. We are asked only to love one another and be kind… what a simple request. And what amazing things could happen if this is what we chose to do.

Today I prepared a bacon and spinach quiche and then brought it to Paula. I have long considered her a model of peace, love and understanding, and I am honored to call her a friend.

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