Day 162: Happy Birthday Danya!

15 Sep

Today is my friend Danya’s birthday. She and I became friends when we were both earning our Master’s degrees at Southern Oregon University a few years ago. We were part of a group of four friends that studied together, drove to class together and generally supported one another through two years of study.

It really was important to me that I was not navigating the challenges of school, work and family alone. Each of these friends helped in their own way – but all of them were accepting, caring and encouraging. And as much as I enjoyed my classes, I think I learned as much from these friends who shared their life experiences with me. They demonstrated grace, courage and determination – and helped me to do the same.

Since graduation, while we have not seen each other as often as we did in school, we have managed to keep in touch. We continue to share information, offer advice, give reassurance, and celebrate our successes. When we met for coffee today, we spent most of the time laughing. It felt so good to be with them once again and I want to let them know that I am most grateful for the gift of their friendship.

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