Day 154: Happy Birthday Chris!

7 Sep

We’ve known Chris for almost as long as we’ve lived in our home because she and my next-door neighbor, Deb, shared a kindergarden classroom and they often spent time together after their work was done. I think that having a good kindergarden teacher is crucial. You need someone who is able to relate to the children, who can get kids excited about learning. I think that Chris (and Deb) really put all their efforts into making that first school experience a great one. Their students were lucky to have them.

Deb left her career a few years back, but Chris is still teaching. In fact, today was her her first day of kindergarden with her newest class. And it was also her birthday. It must be hard to have a birthday on the first day of school when you are a teacher. Not much chance in getting that day off is there? Instead, you spend the day helping kids figure out how to survive without their Mom, how to share the blocks (and all the other stuff!), and maybe, if you are lucky, you teach them something that they want to learn. And by day’s end, you’re probably too tired to care if it was your birthday or not.

Tonight I brought Chris an Apple Almond Pie to celebrate her birthday. I hope that the year ahead is filled with wonderful moments with her new class but I also hope that she also gets to spend lots of time enjoying her lovely circle of family and friends.

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