Day 145: Ruth

30 Aug

(Oops… I tried to delay this post til last night and must have done something wrong ’cause I had to go and look for it today!)
Today I was excited to make a pie with the apples from the tree in my yard because for what seems like the first time they are delicious. We have had apples in the past, but they were always disappointing. This year they taste like my favorite variety – the Macintosh. What a wonderful treat!

I picked about 16 apples for this pie because they are pretty small.

Once the apples were peeled, cored and sliced I realized that I didn’t have enough to fill my pie shell and so I added about two cups of blueberries to the mix. Then it was simply a matter of adding crumb topping and placing the pie into the oven for about an hour to bake. All the while I was thinking about where this pie would go.

Then Ruth’s name popped into my head, I knew she was the one. Ruth is the director of Peace House in Ashland. The first time I remember meeting her was at a fundraiser about a dozen years ago. I’m not sure of the details but I think it was in response to a hurricane that caused flooding in Honduras. Peace House held a big “yard sale” at the United Methodist Church and appeals went out to the community for donations.

My family put together a bunch of items to donate and I drove to the church with my son. There I found Ruth amidst boxes and boxes of “stuff.” She was calmly working to organize the donations even as they kept arriving. She looked so small and yet Ruth was unruffled by the chaos that surrounded her. I felt compelled to stay and help out as much as I could (luckily my son had found the toy section and kept himself busy for hours).

Though I don’t remember the dollar amount that was raised, I do recall that I was impressed that the money was raised so easily. Folks came by and opened their wallets and their hearts to help people they’d never meet. And I think it helped that there was someone in charge who was credible, knowledgeable, and dedicated.

Though I don’t see Ruth often, I am always happy when I do. She is a remarkable individual who works tirelessly to help those who are less fortunate.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

One Response to “Day 145: Ruth”

  1. Zoe August 31, 2011 at 4:12 PM #

    Ruth is my mom and we ate your pie last night. Very yummy, and she was so excited to have been chosen for your 145th pie. She told us that when you called her at work she didn’t want to get her hopes up initially. She walked home with your pie in her backpack and we all ate it after dinner. My son, Silas, enjoyed it too – and he’s not easily pleased.

    Thank you, you made a very special evening and a great story for our family.
    Zoe A.

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