Day 142: Lechi and Nathan and Pretty toes!

26 Aug

Yesterday I met my friend Leslie at Ashland Nails in the Ashland Street Shopping Center, next to the cinema. I wanted to repay her for helping me last weekend and so I arranged for us to have “mani-pedi’s” together.

I arrived at the salon a few minutes early and immediately the owner, Nathan, had me sit in the chair massager and got right to work on my toes. He had me laughing and relaxed right away. A few moments later, Leslie walked in and sat down in the chair next to me. Nathan’s wife and co-owner, Lechi, started getting ready for Leslie’s pedicure while Leslie and I chatted. Soon, we both had the prettiest toes and then we were whisked off to have our manicures. Leslie chose a pretty shade of pink, but I opted for clear since it is best to have minimal color on your hands in my line of work.

Leslie and I had a wonderful time while we were at the salon and I highly recommend Lechi and Nathan to anyone. They are very friendly and I love how pampered I feel when I leave. It’s funny but somehow it seems easier to pamper someone else – and that should not be the case. If we don’t feel good and take care of ourselves, how can we give to others?

Yesterday, while Nathan was painting my toes, I remembered the last time I was at the salon, Lechi told me that sometimes when she gets home from work she is too tired to cook. We all can relate to that feeling. So as she worked on Leslie’s toes yesterday, I asked Lechi a few questions – What kinds of foods do you like? What don’t you like? Have you ever had quiche??? You can see where I was going with this. I was preparing for today’s pie which turned out to be a chicken sausage, onion and pepper quiche.

When I walked into the salon today with the quiche, both Lechi and Nathan looked so surprised! It was such fun to “pamper” them in return for the lovely work they did for me and Leslie. It never ceases to amaze me how the simple gift of a pie can appear to mean so much.

One Response to “Day 142: Lechi and Nathan and Pretty toes!”

  1. Leslie August 30, 2011 at 8:25 AM #

    Thank you Karen for my beautiful nails!!! They are still gorgeous. xoxo

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