Day 140: Carey

24 Aug

Carey lives down the street from us. I’d been thinking about making her a pie for some time. Though I don’t know her very well, I know that she and her husband adopted two dogs and that she is a dog groomer. In fact, she is the one who is responsible for making my neighbor’s dog, Switty, look so nice.

Carey and her little girl Bella were walking by my house this morning just as my pie was about to come out of the oven. She was taking her dogs, Angus and Chicken Little, for some exercise. It was quite a sight to see – Bella practically prancing to the field to throw a ball for her dogs.

Unfortunately from this picture you cannot see the lovely hairstyles that Angus and Chicken Little have – and I do apologize for that. Carey has decked them both out quite nicely with ribbons and such. You can tell that the dogs know that they look good. And more importantly, they seem to know that they are loved. I think that is the case with dogs that have been adopted; they know that they have been given a tremendous gift and they do not take that lightly.

Today I gave Carey an Apple Blueberry Pie. She seemed tickled to receive it (she said “I hardly ever get pie”). And I know that I was happy to give it to her. It’s a simple way to show my great appreciation for the love and kindness that she bestows on the dogs in her care.

The dog is the only animal that has seen his God. Author Unknown

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