Day 136: Daniel

20 Aug

Today has been quite a busy day. I catered a wedding for 175 and spent most of the day (it’s 11:27 right now) focusing on this event. And I think it all turned out well. The bride was beautiful, the groom dashing, and they were surrounded by friends and family. What more could they ask for?

Well, I knew that somehow I was going to fit a pie into my busy day. And as I began to roll out the dough this morning, I wondered, who would I bake for today? And then I remembered that Daniel, who grew up next door to us, was home for a short visit. Is there a better way to say that we care than with a pie?

There is a favorite family photo of Daniel and my son, taken when Coco was about 3. Daniel was reading to Coco on the couch in our living room. I can’t find that photo tonight – but I do have a photo of Coco and Daniel that was taken today. What pleases me most is that Coco and Daniel are still friends after so many years. We are so incredibly lucky to have found such wonderful neighbors!

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